• Etsy Love: Willow and Hazel

    This last August I was on the hunt for a cute little sun bonnet for Ella. I wanted it for the last few weeks of summer and for a few trips we had planned in the fall. I scoured Etsy... there are so ... Read More

    Etsy Love: Willow and Hazel
  • Tarte Kissing Squad Quad

    It's no secret that I love lipstick. I feel like it is one of my "don't leave the house  without" requirements. Usually I just sport a pink-nude gloss for everyday-grocery shopping business, but it's ... Read More

    Tarte Kissing Squad Quad
  • One of those days.

    I laugh out loud every time I see Ella's face in this picture. Her annoyed expression at the "JOY" in the world completely defines the day we had today. It was obvious we both just wanted the day to ... Read More

    One of those days.