• Shenanigans on Academy

    This is huge. HUGE! We FINALLY have our building permit for our house and shop. This is a day that at one point we weren't sure would come! I won't go into the whole saga but you can read about it ... Read More

    Shenanigans on Academy
  • End of Pregnancy Humor

    Today is my cousins due date. And man, I feel for her. Being 40 weeks pregnant is no joke! She is pregnant with her first baby and I can only imagine how she is feeling. It made me reflect back when I ... Read More

    End of Pregnancy Humor
  • Healthy 1st Birthday Smash Cake

    I can't believe my little teeny baby is 1! What a year! My husband and I joke that it was the fastest longest year of our lives. The majority of people I talk to are quite verklempt about their babies ... Read More

    Healthy 1st Birthday Smash Cake