• Links & Loves

    Happy Tuesday folks. Thought I'd share a few things I've been loving lately. These boots are amazing. Would you guess they are from Toms? So comfy, I've been wearing them NON STOP since Christmas. ... Read More

    Links & Loves
  • Mama, it’s ok to take care of yourself

    Well, we have survived the holidays. But now we are in that slump.. the in between slump. The fun and buzz of the holidays are over leaving us smack in the dead of winter. The days are dark and ... Read More

    Mama, it’s ok to take care of yourself
  • Academy UPDATE (January)

    Omg, this update is so long overdue! Like embarrassingly overdue. Last time I updated they were just starting our foundation... Well folks, they are just finishing the DRYWALL! Yes!!! Holy crap ... Read More

    Academy UPDATE (January)